Webinar #17 Preparing for Leadership; Tyler Arnold & Hal Roberts


Webinar #16 Building Culture; Anne Schaefer-Salinas & Mark French


Webinar #15 (18/19 cohort) Behind the Scenes of Leadership; Presented by Onica Mayers, Mark McCord and Jennifer Hogan

Webinar #14 – Resiliency; Presented by Alyse Consiglio and Dennis Griffin



Webinar #13 – Without Conflict There is No Leadership; Presented by Dennis Griffin and Paul O’Neill


Webinar #12 – Flattening the Hierarchy of Education; Presented by Michele Hill and Debbie Campbell

Webinar #11 – Connecting for the Future; Presented by Sarah Thomas & Starr Sackstein

Webinar #10 – Goal Setting; Presented by Jennifer Hogan & Lori Green



Webinar #9 – Interviewing Tips; Presented by Dr. Asia Armstrong, Theresa Stager & Karen Wood

Webinar #8 – Vulnerability; Presented by Jon Harper

Webinar #7 – Top Ten “Need to Knows” of School Leadership; Presented by Dr. Tim McDermott & Craig Vroom

Webinar #6 – Work / Life Balance; Presented by Lori Green and Mark French

Webinar #5 – Resumes, Cover Letters and Portfolios; Presented by Jennifer Hogan and Jacie Maslyk


#AspiringLeaders Webinar Resumes, Cover Letters & Portfolios note taking sheet

Webinar #4 School Leadership: Behind the Scenes; Presented by Mark French and Craig Vroom


#AspiringLeaders Webinar Behind the Scenes note taking sheet 

Webinar #3 – The Power of Relationships; Presented by Jon Wennstron, Lori Green and Allyson Apsey


#AspiringLeaders Webinar Relationships  (note taking sheet)

Webinar #2 – Building Your Skill Set / Professional Development; Presented by Alyse Consiglio and Tim McDermott

#AspiringLeaders Webinar – Building Your Skill Set PD  (note taking sheet)


Webinar #1 – Tech Tools and Tips; Presented by Jennifer Hogan

#AspiringLeaders Webinar – Tech Tools & Tips  (note taking sheet)